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Educational Dance Program

Latin & Ballroom Dance

With a big shift in todays society towards heath, mental wellbeing and inclusiveness it becomes increasingly harder to find educational activities that will be good for developing minds and bodies, and will engage a group of students as a whole.


Our dance program slides seamlessly into the P.E curriculum and will fill this void in active learning. 


Our Ballroom & Latin Dance Program is taught by some of Australia’s best Latin & Ballroom dancers, that include International Champions and professional dancers from TV’s “Dancing with the Stars”.

When people think of Ballroom & Latin Dancing, they think shirts, ties and formal ball gowns. We break down this wall as our teachers are young and fresh, dressed like the students they teach, and are  dancing to music that the students listen to at home.


The focus of our program is to use dance to get a class full of students actively moving and interacting together.

With a constant rotation of dance partners in the class, the students work together as a team of two to learn and dance, exciting but simple, routines across a variety of dances, this encourages students that don’t normally socialise or interact together to work towards a common goal.


By working together our program aims to:

  • Build confidence 

  • Improve self-esteem 

  • Encourage teamwork

  • And promote inclusiveness and acceptance 


Of course the bonus is that students are also learning the valuable, and sometimes overlooked, life skill of learning to dance.

This programs covers dances that include:


  • Salsa

  • Cha Cha

  • Tango

  • & JIve

…… Just to name a few.

Our Dance program can be tailored to suit every schools timetable and can be run in any number of sessions, although we recommend 5 or 10 sessions.

Dance Program Price Guide:

*all prices inc. gst

5x 1hr sessions:

1 teacher $550

2 teachers $900

10 1hr sessions

1 teacher $1,100

2 teachers $1.800

One off Workshop/ Dance Class, Less than 50 students

1hr $180

One off Workshop/ Dance Class, More than 50 students

1hr $260


Contact us today about how our dance program can benefit the students at your school.

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